Dr Scheiber accepts new Equine clients

Dr Scheiber will be accepting new Equine clients. Dr Scheiber uses a traditional and holistic approach to Equine problems. This approach to solving Equine problems includes 30 years of research into Nutritional problems which Dr Scheiber likes to call looking at the” Big Picture” from nutritional , to internal medicine, to developmental problems to injuries. To accomplish the “Big Picture” a complete exam in performed and then tools available at Stamina Plus are used where necessary. These tools include Blood Draws, chemistries, Vitamin E and Selenium levels, DR Radiology, Thermography, Ultrasound and treatments like Game Ready and Extra-Corporal Shock Wave therapy. E mail requests to scheib@tribcsp.com.

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  1. Lori says:

    Question: I obtained a 5yo gelding. He was left in a paddock, we’re not sure how long. He was very thin….his hooves are grown way out. When he first arrived, he stood on the other side of the corral just shaking. Couldn’t touch him anywhere – he would jump. Of course he ended up colicking. I now have him calmed down considerably. He still gets nervous about certain things, but I can touch his face,head etc. I still am unable to get his feet up…but am still working with him. I’m very concerned about the length of his hooves and getting them trimmed. Just finding a competent farrier is the trick. My other concern….he was looking so good, got the weight coming back to him and then all of a sudden he started losing weight again. I wormed him, did all the normal things you would think of to do. He is now putting weight back on. I will say, I don’t think I’ve seen a horse eat slower than this one. He takes a few bites, then walks around the paddock looking around at the neighbors horse, comes back & eats some more. I’ve put him on Purina Strategy, I’ve given him some oats and I’m trying some of that “hard-Keeper” supplement. I would like to find a good diet with all the necessary nutrients for him. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Tony says:

      My suggestion is too have his teeth checked in that they may need to be worked on.
      I believe that Stamina Plus Equine supplement which is in a crumble form and a complete vitamin and trace mineral supplement which includes 1000 IU units of vitamin E daily would work well for your horse. I would suggest feeding this supplement at 3 ounces per day with 2 lbs of oats.
      Dr Scheiber

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