• A mini-pellet designed for horses of all ages
  • Promotes healthy, shiny hair coats
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Facilitates hoof growth
  • Insures healthy physiological systems
  • Prevents colic and tying-up syndrome
  • Keeps the athletic horse working without making him hot
  • Complete vitamin, trace mineral, and electrolyte supplement that meets your horses daily needs.
Nutrition is the "last frontier" in preventative medicine.
The Stamina Plus Equine Supplement has been designed to provide the necessary calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals, vitamins, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and electrolytes to meet the daily requirements of horses of all ages. It meets the special needs of mares and foals, and it's unmatched combination of ingredients prevents bone problems in foals.

Available In:
Mini-Pellets Feeding Directions 5 lb. Pail with measuring cup
  14 lb. Pail with measuring cup
NEW -Stamina PLus Equine Supplement in the 25 lb pail is now a crumble with extra Vitamin E added.
25 lb. Pail with measuring cup
Block Feeding Directions 33 lb. Block* *Available in stores only